Author: Barbara Michaels

Random Facts about Cardboard Boxes

Random Fact Number One:  there are thousands of different types of cardboard boxes!  Cereal boxes, cake boxes, even jewelry boxes- they are all made of the same material (just in different thicknesses and consistencies), essentially making them all part of the same family.

“ “ Number Two: cardboard boxes were first invented at the beginning of the 19th century.  Which is totally crazy.  It hadn’t even been twenty years since the 1700s!  It had barely been fifty years since the Revolutionary War.  The 1700s still seem like the Stone Ages to me, but they were actually during a time when technology was really starting to grow.  And it hasn’t stopped since.  So much has changed in the past two hundred years, in comparison to the past ten thousand.  It’s ridiculous.


“  “ Three:  At the end of the 1800s, some major companies began to use cardboard boxes for packaging their food, which changed dramatically.  Most of our food comes in boxes, right?  A lot of foods weren’t even packaged back in the day, and using cardboard has really revolutionized the whole food shopping experience in general.

“ “ Four: During this same period, but more towards the beginning of the 20th century, people were starting to use cardboard for shipping things, replacing wooden crates.  Can you imagine if we still use wooden crates when sending off a package to our friends or family?  We wouldn’t be doing it that often, I can tell you that much.


“  “ Five: In 2004, an architect by the name of Peter Ryan, from Melbourne, made his own design and then built a house made from cardboard boxes.  Better yet, the house was livable!  Ryan’s intentions were to develop a type of home for areas recently destroyed by a disaster.  Not sure how well the idea took off, but it was certainly a good one.

“  “ Six: Perhaps no one loves cardboard boxes as much as the French.  Why would I make such a statement?  They have an entire museum devoted to them, called Musee Du Cartonnage et de I’Imprimerie.  I don’t have a whole more to say on this very interesting topic because everything I tried to find out was written completely in French.  I don’t even know what the name of the museum means, but if I had to guess I would think it had something to do with Museum of Cartons and the Printing (but I googled the last word).

Birth Rate of Twins is at an All-Time High

Over the last few years, the number of twins that have been born in the United States has reached a new high, says the Centers for Disease control and Prevention. In the last year, as per report 33.9 twins were born out of every 1,000 births this last year. Now, the birth rate has increased by .2 percent, but it still has increased and set a new record. The sheer numbers of this were from California, Texas, and New York, with Mexico being the lowest at 24. The birth rate has been rising for a while, for every single demographic of women since 1980. However, they didn’t really change this dramatically for white or Hispanic women until about 2013-2014, and the rise did continue as well.   At the moment, they do expect it to increase more.


The reason for this is not specifically known though according the source, because many women are different, and the genetic code is different for each. However, with the recent occurrence of women giving birth later in life, and with the recent idea to wait for a while to give birth and have children, there is a chance that it is also increasing the chances of twins.

There is another part of this as well. For many couples who can’t have children normally, there is in-vitro fertilization, which has started to become popular in recent years. Many couples who want to have children are waiting later, and instead of going through the traditional conception, they use this method. With in-vitro fertilization, there is a chance that you can have multiple children, and that’s where a good many of the twins that are being birthed are coming from. There are also other mothers who also have births of children that are multiple babies through this use, so it does account for many of the recent changes in this rate, especially since many are waiting and are looking at this method to have children.

On the flip side, the birth rates may have rose for twins, but for triplets or anything higher than that actually dropped another 5%. In this, it’s only about 113.3 for every 100,000 births, and it actually has decreased about 40% since3 1998. They aren’t as common anymore, and many parents don’t want to take this into account, so they try to stay away from this sort of number of children.

With recent scientific advances, more are turning to other ways to have children, and because of that, the chances to have more than one child at once have started to increase. Who knows what this might mean for those in the future that turn to science as well, and it makes many wonder just what is going to happen when science does take off and more people go towards this method than conventional methods for having children. It’s a revolutionary endeavor, and at this moment, the only thing that one can wait on is time that will tell this.