12 Key Decorating Tips To Make Any Room Better

If you are thinking about decorating a room in your home, you want to do it yourself or hire an interior designer, check out these great tips. These will help you in decorating your room.

Paint Color

Most people wanted that the walls of the room should be in new color prior to moving. However, it is suggested that you should wait until you have placed everything in the room which you want. Choosing paint color should be the last thing to do. The reason for this is that different lighting can have a huge effect on paint color. You want the color that best complements your artwork, rug, furniture and other things. So pick that color only if your stuff is actually inside your room.


The furniture of the room must be selected carefully so that it should give a soothing effect to the people entering your room. At the same time there is no need to over crowd a room with full of furniture. You don’t need to fill up a space with lots of luxury furniture. Gracious living is all about enjoying your space.


Hang artwork at the right height. The suggested height for hanging artwork is between 57 to 60 inches from the floor. This is where the average adult human’s eye level is.

Arrange Furniture On A Rug Like A Pro

Arranging furniture on a rug is a tricky job to do. You need to understand the three ways to do this and you can opt to go all on, all off or just the front on. If you have a small room, keeping all legs off the rug is a great cost-effective choice. The rug should appear as though it could touch the front legs of each of the seating pieces. Being consistent is important in this regard so that things don’t look out of place.

Don’t Be Too Theme-y

Themes are basically fads. They come and go and often have the looks of being high maintenance. You can achieve a themed look but still you need to maintain a sense of individuality.

Focal Point

Focal point anchors a room. It reduces visual clutter and gives the impression of a well-maintained space. Choose something that draws attention of the visitor. In many cases it can be right in front of the opening of the door.

Free Sight Lines

Focal points should easily be seen from one room to the next or at least seen from the entrance of the room. People should feel drawn into entering a room for something interesting.


You may have a complete box of collectibles but there is no need to display them all at once. Too much mix up of things may look cheap. Take a minute choose the things tactfully that what is required to be placed out.


Just because something is tiny or huge doesn’t mean that it cant be used together with other decors. Group small objects together to provide a beautiful contrast to big ones. It is all about scale and proportion.

Layers Of Lighting

Layers of lighting can add interest to what you ant to stand out as opposed to just having one source of light for the entire room. If new wiring is not possible than go for lamps.

Be Bold

Personality is what makes a great space. Make your own statement and have fun. Don’t be afraid to add unexpected elements to your room like faux brIcK wAll. Be bold and daring. This shows that you have your own style but at the same time you must know how to balance the things.

Break Principles

Over designed rooms can look outdated and feel boring. Go with what brings smile to your face. After all you will be the one living in your place.