To hold a replacement tooth in the place of previously broken tooth, you first need to get a tooth implant which serves as an artificial tooth root. The major benefit of having an implant is that the replacement tooth would be stronger and it wouldn’t need support from neighboring teeth. With the help of a tooth implant, your replacement tooth will look exactly like natural tooth.

To make the implant ultimately compatible to your body tissues and jaw’s bone, the implant is made using bone-like pottery material. There are two types of dental implants. First one is the root like implant which is fitted into the jaw bone directly. The other type of implant is the one which is used in case when jaw doesn’t have the place for implant. This type of implant isn’t fitted in the jaw bone but it is adjusted on the existing bone using a clamp made of metal wires.

The Way Implants Work

When placed correctly, dental implants can give good support to cemented bridges. Hence, you wouldn’t need a denture. Although the cost of this implant isn’t really something that many people would like but an implant eliminates the difference of outlook between natural teeth and artificial one.


Who Can Receive Dental Implant

If you want to know whether you can receive this implant, talk to your doctor. The most important prerequisites for receiving Dental implant in rockville maryland are good health, normal bone structure and good health of gums. The people who have problem with dentures can also receive the implant. Moreover, the chances of success in receiving implant can decrease dramatically if you are suffering from chronic illness. Moreover, dental implants might not work for the people who smoke or consume alcohol frequently.

What Is the Implantation Process?

This implantation of artificial root into or onto the jaw bone involves a surgical process. After the use of anesthesia, implant is inserted in the jaw bone. Then an extension, which also serves as a post for artificial tooth, is attached and tethered with implant. You can also ask for the implant that would have post already attached to it. After implant is fitted and the post is ready to hold the artificial tooth, the tooth is attached.


How Long It Would Take For the Process to Complete

The standard procedure readying the tooth for usage after placing tooth implant along with its post can take up to nine months. However, it also depends upon implant candidate’s ability to heal. If we divide this process, it can be described as; 6 months for healing after the placing of implant and its post, and 2 months after tooth is attached to the post.

What Are the Chances That Implantation Will Be a Success Afterwards?

It really depends upon how the tooth is going to be used and location of tooth in jaw. Moreover, overall health of patient is also a factor that can make this implant successful.

After you have received the implant and got a positive nod from the doctor for its usage, now it is up to you how would you care for it. Make sure that your oral health is good if you want to retain the best function of this implant for your entire life.